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Registering for the Open Day takes just a few seconds, giving you the opportunity to discover everything the academy has to offer comfortably from home.


Join with Meet and discover our educational offerings. A day dedicated to discovering how to develop your artistic potential.


Pre-enroll without any commitment at the academy to secure your spot and discover all the educational opportunities that await you.

Open Day Scheduled

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Those interested must register using the form on the right by the deadlines listed below, and no later than the specified dates.

Registrations for the Open Days will close on the same day at 11:00 AM UTC+2.

Once the registration is completed, the participant will be automatically registered for the selected Open Day. On the same day of the Open Day, one hour before the start, an email will be sent with the link to access and participate in the video call.

Google Meet will be accessible to all users, whether they have a Google account or not.

Access from your Smartphone
Use the Gmail app to receive the video call link. Simply click on it to participate directly from the app. If you don’t have the Gmail app, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser on your computer.

Access from your Computer
Use the Google Chrome browser to participate in the meeting. Open the email with the received link to join the video call. Check on the top left that Meet has enabled all Webcam and Microphone services.

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For more information about the interviews, please contact the Orientation Office at:

  • +39 0541 27449 Int 2

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