Exam Sessions


Period: June 2023

from 03/05/2023 to 23/05/2023

Exam and Thesis Session:
from 19/06/2023 to 07/07/2023

Exam Session dedicated to all years


Period: Ottobre 2023

Enrollments: CLOSE

Exam and Thesis Session:
from 02/10/2023 to 27/10/2023

Exam Session dedicated to all years


Period: Febbraio 2023

Enrollments: CLOSE

Exam and Thesis Session:
from 13/02/2023 to 05/03/2023

Exam Session dedicated to 2nd and 3rd-year courses

Pre-Exam Revisions

Pre-exam revisions with the professors are an important opportunity for students to clarify doubts, delve into topics, and consolidate their preparation. During these sessions, the professors provide personalized support, offering advice and tips to approach the exams more effectively. These revisions allow students to increase their confidence and tackle the exams in a more prepared and confident manner.

Si chiede di inviare la prenotazione entro e non oltre 2 giorni prima della data di revisione

Below is the Revision Schedule with the availability of professors for the active Exam Session. The table is updated periodically, so students are kindly requested to check it regularly. By clicking the button below, you will need to log in with your institutional account to download the schedule.

Online revisions are conducted on the Microsoft Teams platform in groups called “Faculty Rooms.”
Each student can access the virtual room through the link provided in the website section.

Exam Enrollment

The dates for online exam enrollments for the sessions are indicated in the informative boxes above.

Students who wish to enroll for exams should use the Student Portal linked below:

Exam Enrollment

The new Student Portal is a reserved space for LABA Rimini students. It allows easy online access to all essential services during the academic journey, such as Attendance Registry, Class Schedule, and Exam Enrollment.

Exam Calendar

Dedicated link to the Exam Calendar with indications for each exam, including the professor, room, time, and all relevant information.

Updated on: 17/02/2023

List of Exams

Dedicated link for publishing the Exam Lists.

To access the file, students will need to log in with their institutional credentials.

Updated on: 08/02/2023

Exam Topics

To facilitate students, below is the list of Exam Subjects.