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The main structure of the Libera Accademia di Belle Arti of Rimini, located between the historical center and the city’s train station, provides its students with a fully-equipped facility containing all the multimedia and artistic tools necessary for academic learning in various disciplines.

The main structure is supported by three other locations situated in the historical center of Rimini, such as the Photography and Cinematography laboratory, equipped with a photo studio, development and post-production lab, and a room for theoretical lessons. Additionally, there is a study room for LABA Rimini students and two large-capacity classrooms within the University Residence, along with two more classrooms adjacent to the renowned Tempio Malatestiano.

LABA Rimini, within the Italian university landscape, stands as an Institute of High Artistic Education with a European and international outlook. It was founded on the ideals of safeguarding authenticity and expressive freedom as fundamental values of the individual. Its mission is guided by a strong ethical and civil commitment, rooted in the belief that beauty is a primary element capable of enhancing the quality of life both on an individual and collective level, materializing in works of art and objects.

The Academy of Rimini stands at the intersection of tradition and innovation, aiming to provide a cultural proposition that combines both a method and a profound understanding of artistic expressions from the present and the past. It serves as a stimulus for research and experimentation in techniques and languages, including multimedia, fostering a dynamic and evolving artistic environment.

LABA, in addition to being an educational institution, considers various disciplines in their complementarity and integrates them based on a principle of mutual integration. It is also a place for research and experimentation, where diverse knowledge forms the cultural foundation of the creative process. By taking into account the multiple and evolving needs of society, this creativity can find applications in various sectors of industrial and artistic production.

The Academy of Rimini, a peripheral branch of LABA in Brescia since 2001, obtained the favorable opinion and recognition from the National Council of Higher Artistic Education and the National Council for the Evaluation of the University System in 2011 (D.M. 13/06/2011).

In 2016, the Libera Accademia di Belle Arti (LABA) in Rimini, after receiving favorable opinions from ANVUR and the National Council for the Evaluation of Teaching Ordinances, regarding the compliance of the teaching system and the adequacy of facilities and staff, was authorized to activate the courses in FASHION DESIGN, GRAPHIC DESIGN MULTIMEDIA, DESIGN, and PHOTOGRAPHY at its own location, and to issue the respective First Level Academic Diplomas (D.M. 278/2017).

Our Academy, like Universities, is considered an Institute of Higher Culture according to the Italian Constitution (art. 33). As such, it cannot limit itself to the mere transmission of knowledge but must also generate culture through continuous research activities. The knowledge from the past forms the cultural foundation to reference when building new theoretical systems, using methods and technologies from the contemporary world.

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