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Libera Accademia di Belle Arti di Rimini

What is LABA di Rimini?

The Rimini Academy, a peripheral branch of LABA Brescia since 2001, obtained the favorable opinion and recognition of the National Council for Higher Artistic Education and the National Council for the Evaluation of the University System in 2011 (D.M. 13/06/2011).

In 2016, the Libera Accademia di Belle Arti (LABA) in Rimini, after receiving favorable opinions from ANVUR and the National Council for the Evaluation of educational systems regarding the conformity of the educational system and the adequacy of facilities and personnel, is authorized to activate the three-year courses in FASHION DESIGN, GRAPHIC DESIGN, DESIGN, and PHOTOGRAPHY and issue the related First Level Academic Diplomas (D.M. 278/2017).

main headquarters

The Central Campus of LABA in Rimini, located between the historical center and the city’s train station, provides its students with a comprehensive facility equipped with all the necessary multimedia and artistic tools for the study of academic disciplines.

decentralized locations

LABA has three locations located in the historical center of Rimini. The Graphic Modeling Laboratory is adjacent to the Tempio Malatestiano. The Photography Laboratory includes a studio, development and post-production facilities, and a classroom for theoretical lessons. Additionally, there is a study room for LABA Rimini students and two large classrooms within the University Residence.

study programs

The study programs offer students a creative and targeted education for an artistic career in business.


Organizational structure of the institution, members of the academic and administrative staff

Ministerial Decrees

Decrees of Authorization for the activation of Triennial and Biennial courses at the Free Academy of Fine Arts of Rimini.

Transparent Academy

It provides access to official documents of the institution, such as regulations, circulars, and other administrative and ministerial information.

Where is LABA Rimini

+39 0541 27449
Via Roma 64/b | Rimini

Made In LABA

Made In LABA is the new project aimed at showcasing our students’ work, a space dedicated to Academic Projects, Events, Exhibitions, and Initiatives created by and for LABA Rimini Students.

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