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The Academy, like Universities, is considered an Institute of Higher Culture according to the Italian Constitution (art. 33). As such, it cannot limit itself to the mere transmission of knowledge but must also generate culture through continuous research activities. The knowledge from the past forms the cultural foundation to reference when building new theoretical systems, using methods and technologies from the contemporary world.


Graphic Design


Explore editorial design and advertising communication with innovative techniques at the Academy of Fine Arts. A comprehensive educational path in graphics and multimedia.




Our educational path provides comprehensive preparation for creating objects and designing complex structures, such as setting up exhibition spaces and interior decoration.


Fashion Design


Professionals specialized in designing and creating body elements, with a particular focus on contemporary communication and marketing.


Fashion Design – 2nd Lv


The biennium provides advanced skills for professional activities in the fashion industry, both in small and medium-sized enterprises and large industries. Acquire specific abilities to work professionally in various sectors.




Our educational path covers all aspects of professional photography, with a focus on advertising, fashion design, and the aesthetic and expressive aspects of photography as an art form.


Cinema, Photography, and Audiovisual


The film industry offers growth opportunities for young individuals who are well-prepared both creatively and technically/operationally, with positive impacts on local and national institutions.

Educational paths for the creatives of the future

We offer a wide range of training programs that develop the artistic, creative, and technological skills necessary to succeed in fields such as design, art, photography, and multimedia. Choose your path and get ready to bring your artistic vision to life in a continuously evolving world.

Equivalent Bachelor’s degrees

Our degree diplomas offer a high-level academic recognition, ensuring students the same validity and career opportunities as a traditional degree.

Multimedia labs

Stimulating environments to explore the intersection between art and technology. With digital equipment and tools, you will have the opportunity to experiment and create innovative multimedia projects.

Professional prospects

You can pursue a career as an independent artist or work in a creative agency. Our training program will prepare you for a successful career in the creative industries.

Alumni LABA

Discover the success stories of our former students in the field of fine arts,
showcasing how our training prepares for prestigious careers in the creative industry.

Pre-enrollment and enrollment at LABA

Reserve a spot at LABA, Pre-Enroll today! Pre-Enrollment is not binding and guarantees you the possibility to enroll in the course of your choice if the maximum number of students is reached. Additionally, the Admissions Office will get in touch with you with all the necessary information for enrollment and updates on the start of the academic year.

  • Pre-Enrollments open from 01/02/2023
  • Enrollment deadline is 29/09/2023

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