Gaia Brandmayr is a talented seamstress born in Trieste in 1996. From a young age, she cultivated a deep passion for tailoring, which drove her to pursue a career in the fashion industry. After completing high school in the scientific field, she embarked on her academic journey at LABA in November 2016.

Through the Fashion Design course, Gaia had the opportunity to refine her pattern-making and garment construction skills, while also exploring the more artistic aspects of fashion through multidisciplinary influences. During her final year of studies, she interned at the prototype department of the prestigious Aeffe group, working in the tailoring departments of renowned brands such as Alberta Ferretti and Philosophy.

After obtaining her degree in February 2019, Gaia continued to develop her professional experience within the same reality until the end of 2022. In 2023, she took on a new challenge by moving to Bologna to become a prototype technician and garment specialist at Macron, a prominent Italian sportswear company.

Her dedication to tailoring and fashion, combined with her technical and creative skills, make her a highly esteemed and competent professional in the Italian fashion industry. Gaia continues to grow and experiment in her field, pursuing her passion for tailoring and contributing to the world of fashion with her distinctive talent.